One Cool Kookaburra Shirt For One Cool Human Like You

Cool Kookaburra Shirt

A Cool Kookaburra Shirt for a cool mate like you…

If you don’t know what a kookaburra is, are you even a true blue Aussie? Alright, we don’t want to judge, so we’ll introduce you to the star of this Cool Kookaburra Shirt. After all, only Revolution Australia can give you a bonzer like this music-loving, skateboarding kookaburra.

This bird’s call made it famous because of how uniquely loud and human-like it can be. It specifically sounds like a person laughing when it does its call, known as Bushman’s Clock. To put a sound to the Cool Kookaburra Shirt, listen here if you want to lark along with two of these birds.

You probably can’t get enough of the kookaburra now that you know more about it. Share it with a friend or a family member, and they’ll probably feel so stoked about the creature too. And if that’s the case, they might also appreciate this Cool Kookaburra Shirt or this Skating Kookaburra with Headphones Framed Mini Art Print.

Only good vibes with the Cool Kookaburra Shirt!