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One designer, a small business, big focus on quality, lots of designs.


From brain, to paper, to production.

I’m Ric, the designer. Since I can remember I have always loved designing and drawing. It is my passion. I arrived in Australia in 1999 and noticed there was a gap for good Aussie design. Either it was cheap and nasty or expensive designer clothing. That’s when Revolution Australia started (with 4 designs).


From surviving to thriving.

Today we have a variety of designs and products with a uniquely Aussie twist. Our designs are a result of vigorous use of typography and composition combined with simple graphics, colour and photography. Our designers have been posted all over the world and we even produced 5 designs for the Sydney Opera House stores (a dream come true for any designer).

About Revolution Australia

We are idea-driven. We focus on design quality and user experience. If you are happy we are happy! Our designs are based on three things:

Aussie lifestyle
The Australian Lifestyle

I love my adopted home country and want to profile the great lifestyle it has to offer: Australia has great weather, beaches everywhere, surf, sports, a relaxed lifestyle and amazing unique animals.


We love to travel and we have done so extensively. We are privileged to have visited more than 60 countries so far (and would like to continue travelling!). Seeing new places has brought lots of inspiration to our designs

Latin America

This is where I come from. Colombia and Latino America has taught and inspired me so much! Many of my designs are based on this region that I love, its people, the culture, music and everything it has to offer.



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Focusing on design

Because we focus on design only. We collaborate with these other businesses so that they take care of the marketing, posting, sales, etc.

We only focus on what we love to do: Design

We leave the sales and marketing to other professionals.
First designs

I produced 4 designs (Syd-Aus, Sydney Opera House Outline, G’day and Sydney Skyline), launching the brand and launching me into the unknown world of clothing and cotton. I jumped in and produced 200 shirts – 50 t shirts of each design. The scary part is that I started to do all this without even thinking about how I was going to sell the t-shirts!

Since I do not have a business background I was just learning on the way, reading lots of business-related books, making mistakes (many of them) and applying common sense to every decision I took.

While the first 4 designs were being produced and screen printed, I began to build a very basic website so that I could start selling my first shirts online.

We (my lovely wife and I) worked hard long hours (we were both working full time at the time) and on the weekend organising all the logistics, the packing, and participating in as many markets (i.e. we’ve been at The Rocks Markets, Bondi Markets and Gold Coast Markets among others) as we could so that people (you) started to know we exist!! In fact, there have been lots of moments that make us laugh and cry!

Surviving the first 2 years (and a global financial crisis)

Online strategies have been important in spreading the word.

Our designs have been featured in t-shirt & design blogs and images of our t-shirts started to appear in the first pages of search engines. Our shirts have also popped up in the media.

After all the work and effort, I still think that the best thing is to see something you designed (and worked very hard for) on the street, on pictures or just somewhere you didn’t expect to.

Our products have been sent to many countries around the world and hopefully, we will be able to add many more countries to our list.

The other very satisfying thing is to know that EVERY customer we have had is extremely happy with our product. Every time we send one of our designs abroad, we know that we are promoting Australia overseas!

From surviving to thriving - Revolution to evolution

Today we have a variety of designs and products with a uniquely Aussie twist. Our designs are a result of vigorous use of typography and composition combined with simple graphics, colour and photography.

We developed products that will put an end to generic corporate gift giving.
Is your business looking for unique gifts for your clients?
Are you looking for Aussie products to put in goodie bags?
Visit our Corporate Gifts page. Contact us if you have any questions.

We have collaborated with the Sydney Opera House stores.
We started with three designs and then moved to five designs in total. This has been an amazing experience and journey. Besides, there are no words to describe the feeling of working with the most important icon that Australia has. Check out the exclusive designs we produced for the Sydney Opera House store.
We are also open to working with other great Australian brands both in Australia and Overseas. Contact us today!

We also start giving back. We sponsored a 15-year-old girl in Colombia.
We paid for her education since she started primary school.

Our designs are originals and we don’t mass produce them, thus each design could be considered a limited edition.

focusing on design
Focusing on Design
Why work like this? Why aren't we producing our own products anymore?

We started to notice that our focus was diluting. The marketing side, production, freight issues and sales started to take become the priority.

We suddenly realised that we had not designed anything for a long time because we didn’t have the energy or headspace to do it, because we were so busy doing these other things.

So we decided to go back to basics. We would focus on what we love which is design. We would let others do the practical side of the business.

So today, we publish our designs on reputable sites where we get a commission every time one of our design sells. This is why we want to say thank you. Because every time you get one of our products you allow us to continue designing new things.

Contact us today!

I love Surfing tee appears in Channel 7 Sunrise


Opera house outline tee appears on Dancing With The Stars.

Dancing with the Stars

Surf Beetle tee appears on the Weekend Sunrise show.

Weekend Sunrise

Surf Combi tee appears in Home and Away

Home and Away

Surf Beetle Outline tee appears in the weekend morning show.

Weekend Sunrise

The Project

Melbourne t shirt appears in Channel 10, The Project.

The Project