Say What You Feel With This Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt

Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt

Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt: A Piece That Personifies Shock

If you want to express how utterly astonished you are, then you can say the Aussie slang found on this Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt. And when too shocked to say anything at all, believe us when we say that wearing this piece would do. It’s precisely why Revolution Australia made this design.

You can even wear a different Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt nearly every day because of the 19 colours to choose from. As for size range, they have eight. Because of these two options, anyone would love to receive this as a gift.

And aside from the Gobsmacked Classic T-Shirt, another Revolution Australia offering with an Aussie slang design is this Oi! Baseball ¾ Sleeve T-Shirt. It would be awesome to have your clothing literally speak for you.

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