Let This Jumping Kangaroo Bring You To The Land Down Under

jumping kangaroo

Jumping Kangaroo

What kind of an Aussie are you if you don’t find this Cute Jumping Kangaroo endearing?

We’ve all seen images of Outback Australia having a mob of jumping kangaroos hopping happily across the horizon. The jumping kangaroos are, of course, famed for their means of locomotion, reaching speeds of 60 kilometres per hour and clearing over 8 metres with just one hop! Amazing, right?

Another fun fact is that jumping kangaroos cannot move backwards. This is the very reason why they’re highlighted on the Australian coat of arms. They’ve become a symbol of national progress as creatures that can only move forward.

These marsupials, bringing up their young called joeys in a pouch, are indigenous to Australia. In fact, there are more jumping kangaroos in the country than actual Australian people. These fine points on such a fascinating animal makes it even cooler to have Revolution Australia’s Cute Jumping Kangaroo design that varies from a Classic T-Shirt and Zipped Hoodie to a Glossy Sticker and Laptop Sleeve!

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