This Ridiculously Funny Out-of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin Makes For A Great Laugh

Funny Out-Of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin

Funny Out-Of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin: A dose of good vibes!

Don’t tell us you don’t find this Funny Out-Of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin amusing? Especially since it makes for a great pun. On top of that, anyone who notices this design would surely make for a good mate. After all, those who will find this hilarious are the kind of people you’ll definitely want to hang out with at a barbie.

Speaking of barbie, about 3% of Australia’s 50 million kangaroos are consumed for their meat. You can find it served in lots of Aussie restaurants and retailed in some supermarkets. As per a Standard UK article, the population of these marsupials reached double that of humans in 2017. Due to this reason, you shouldn’t feel all too bad. 

But if you want another animal that also represents the Land Down Under, you can always check out this Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover. These creatures also have pouches, so it makes for an equally good laugh as the Funny Out-Of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin. Although the latter gets added points from us with that absurd moustache.

All the love for this Funny Out-Of-Pocket Kangaroo iPhone Skin!