A Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover Is A Surefire Way To Crack A Smile On A Friend’s Face

Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover

This Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover is one funny pun!

You have to admit, this is one cool Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover, with the cute creature hanging out inside an actual pocket. And before anything else, let’s get things straight, koala bears aren’t really bears—they’re marsupials! Once you know that, this hilarious item makes much more sense.

Marsupials, by the way, are mammals with a pouch where they develop their offspring, much like kangaroos. This tree-climbing animal loves to munch on eucalyptus leaves, and although their hair may look like it’s fuzzy, it’s really coarse like sheep’s wool.

The Koala Bear iPhone Case & Cover is not only durable but also flexible. It will grip over the edges of your phone like an actual koala gripping onto a eucalyptus tree branch. On top of that, it also has an anti-fingerprint finish.

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