Get Your Daily Dose Of Positivity With The Aussie Dog with Headphones Poster

Aussie Dog with Headphones Poster: Nothing but good vibes!

Obsessed with cute fun-sized decor? Better yet, are you a dog lover yourself? Whether you’re either or both, Revolution Australia’s Aussie Dog with Headphones Poster is perfect for you! Brighten your mornings by placing this good boy by your bedside table or use it to jazz up that lacklustre space on your wall. With its quirky glasses and headphones, this Australian Shepherd just reminds you to live a little and enjoy the music of life.

The Aussie Dog with Headphones Poster is also a great gift to give any animal-lover friend or family member. After all, the best gift should surprise the receiver in its nature, timing, size, or all of these combined. Lucky for you, all those are exactly what the Aussie Dog with Headphones Poster delivers! Plus, it’s a quality piece with its premium shatterproof acrylic cover and back dust cover. It even comes in four different frame colours: White, Black, Light Maple Hardwood, and Dark Walnut Hardwood.