You’ll Never Have To Ask, “Is It Friday Yet?” With This Friday Funday Text Font Design Clock

It’s a Friday state of mind…

Who doesn’t love that Friday feeling? Conventionally, the end of the work week leads to two days of fun and relaxation. No wonder the acronym TGIF exists! By the way, this common expression stands for “Thank God It’s Friday” or “Thank Goodness It’s Friday.”

Also, ever heard of casual Friday? Yes, that exists too. Since the working week begins to blend into the weekend on this day, most firms and offices treat it as a casual day. Simply put, there’s that sense of happiness that comes with employees finally being able to unwind a bit during the week’s last office day.

Revolution Australia’s Friday Funday Text Font Design Clock lets you relish in that feeling throughout the entire week. It’s also a work of art with its metal hands in your own choice of colour and bamboo wood frame that comes in either black, white, or natural finish.