About Ricardo

I focus on innovative solutions while identifying gaps. We'll reach the goal together by working as a team.


Solutions for clients of all sizes and types.

I’ve worked with private and government organisations, startups, and education institutions. Two decades of experience have taught me how to bring creative solutions to complex problems. No job is too small or big. I can align and follow strict brand guidelines or be as creative as you want.


Solutions for Digital, Print, UX/UI or Social Media

I’m a brand specialist. I understand how to comply with (or create) branding guidelines. In fact, I have been responsible for brand implementation to both small and large organisations (some with thousands of staff). I will be able to help you with all your creative and design issues related to print, digital, web, and social media.

How I work

I focus on solutions (not the problems). I use design to improve user experience and client communication. I’m here to work with you as a team and to advise you on best practices (not to tell you how to do things). If you’re happy I’m happy! I base my work on three things:

I ask lots of questions

I approach new jobs with curiosity. I want to know every detail related to the task, its purpose, and its objectives. Once I have a full understanding, I’ll be able to identify gaps and issues. I’ll also be able to bring the most suitable solutions to the table. I am here to solve your problems, Not to showcase how a great designer I am.


Design is subjective to personal taste. This is why my job is to work together with you as a team. Get to know what you need, what you want, and what you like so that the best possible solutions can be produced in a timely and affordable manner. I’m here to bring design solutions that will align with your organisation/business brand.

Clear Communication

Clear, concise  communication is key for a project to be successful. I will let you know all details related to the job. In this way all parties involved know what the end result is. I work hard to avoid confusions and wrong expectations. When issues arise, I take immediate action and fix them as quickly as possible.



I can help with the creation of your entire branding and collateral. Including logo, business cards, letterheads, templates, and guidelines. I can also review your current brand, and take it to the next level.



I have extensive experience working with printers. Have produced extremely complex guides that had hundreds of thousands of copies printed and distributed worldwide. I’ve designed all types of printed products including brochures, guides, flyers, posters, banners and packaging among many others.


Web & Digital

I’m experienced with User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Information Architecture (IA) and social media. I’ve designed for all types of digital channels including corporate websites (some with hundreds of pages), landing pages, web forms, homepages, web tiles and BOTS among others.



Some added value I bring to the job: I’ve designed for podcasts and audio files. I’ve also produced two podcasts (Innovator Diaries and TIPS). I can help you produce, design, and create your own corporate podcast. I have experience managing teams and people. I’ve been both an employee and a business owner thus understand how organisations work.

I believe in the power of asking the right questions, clarifying needs and being flexible, while giving priority to important objectives and goals. I seek to provide the highest-quality, most effective solutions for clients, while supporting their organisation goals.

Design & communications are my passions. They've always been. This is why I give 100% to every project I work with.
LinkedIn & Resume

I know hiring someone for the first time is difficult.

Feel free to check my LinkedIn Profile.  In here you will be able to check details and read my entire professional experience.

Let me assure you, you’ll be in good hands. I’m also happy to connect you with previous clients so that you can ask them about their experience of working with me.

Want to see my design portfolio in a different format?

Feel free to check it in PDF format.

Podcast & Consulting
Point of difference

By developing and producing two podcasts (Innovator Diaries and TIPS), I have enhanced my abilities to listen intently (truly understand what the other person is trying to convey), ask the right questions (to ensure I gain the information I need), and the importance of storytelling.

This is added value I bring to every new job I have.

I can help you create your new best and most effective ‘soft sell’ tool, channel, and strategy: Your corporate podcast. Start a corporate Podcast

Unique Corporate Gifts
Ensure your brand is fully displayed

I can help you create unique corporate gifts for your organisation (via Revolution Australia).

Finding corporate gifts is easy. They are everywhere.

Finding a unique and personalised corporate gift is VERY hard! This is what we can create for you and make your brand truly stand out with your future and current clients.

Find out more here

My Story
- A bit about me

Want to know more about me? Read my story.

Have further questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Always happy to have a chat!

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Ricardo saved us many hours of communication, organising details and work. He worked through changes and edits seamlessly.


Feedback from our clients has been consistently positive as the quality of the collateral produced has always been top quality

Focused on quality

Communication was clear and constant which was important as we needed to be informed in order to make decisions. I am happy to recommend this service to anybody


Ricardo's response is always prompt and his ability to solve any arising issues have been some of the key things I've enjoyed most about our working relationship. Despite looking after many clients, he is always available to answer my calls and emails, and made me feel like my organisation was a priority and that he genuinely cared.

I was a priority

Communication was detailed and on time. The steps needed to finish the project successfully were clearly outlined. The whole process was smooth and easy for us.

Everything was clearly outlined

I recommend that you use professional services if you haven’t before. Perhaps you pay a bit more but you are certain you will get positive results are the end (which is the most important thing).

Positive Results

Ricardo saved us time, money and everything went smoothly and as planned. Thank you!

Saved us $$

The services provided were very good because we had constant support and any issues we had were repaired quickly.

Constant Support

I had something in mind, BUT thanks to Ricardo, I discovered options I would not have even looked at. My first experience producing a guide started very positively thanks to the help I received from Ricardo.

I learned new things

Ricardo has skills, knowledge, contacts and resources acquired over many years. This means he is able to solve urgent issues efficiently and quickly.

Lots of experience

We called Ricardo for help and he was able to find a solution very quickly, and that fitted our expectations and budget. It is important to work with someone that can understand your specific needs.

He understood our needs

Ricardo was able to come to the rescue, fixed our problems and did all the work for us. Thank you!! Awesome service and recommend it to everyone!

Ricardo came to the Rescue

Creating something simple that looks good is not as easy as it seems. Ricardo was able to achieve this while working with strict branding and rules.

Working with Strict Guidelines