Problem solving

I believe good design inspires and solves complex problems by combining creativity and rigour. I achieve this by implementing design thinking and focusing on user needs. The results are user-friendly, appealing and user-centric minimalist designs.

How I helped others

I've helped multiple organisations with their branding, including countless print collateral, logos and websites.
I'm confident together (working as a team) we'll solve your specific design problems.

Years of experience

I spent the last two decades (5-star track record) learning how to fulfill jobs quickly and effectively. This is what differentiates me from other designers.
You hire me for my 20+ years of international experience, not for the few hours I'll work on your project.

Freelancing / contract work

Want to solve recurring issues?
Want to bring new ideas to the table?
Need long lasting solutions?
I specialise in identifying problems and filling in the gaps.

Design Workshop

I also created my own design business: Revolution Australia.
You will find unique designs with an Aussie Twist.